Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine’s Post-Doctoral Association!

We represent all post-doctoral fellows/assistants in the Faculty of Medicine and its affiliated research institutes. Our aim is to facilitate your experience during your years among us. Please browse the website for information on Social, Professional, and Administrative issues. Remember that the Association exists FOR YOU and is coordinated BY YOU, so get involved!

We hope that we can enrich the post-doc training experience here at the University of Ottawa and help in preparing post-docs for their long-term careers. Please feel free to contact the association if you have any questions, concerns or are not receiving group emails from us.

We wish you much success with your research at the University of Ottawa!

A brief history of the association


The Faculty of Medicine’s Post-Doctoral Association was formed on the initiative of Dr. Jacquie Vanderluit (former post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Ruth Slack’s lab). A small group of post-docs spent much time with her, planning the mandate of the association and tried to bolster interest in post-doc affairs in the Faculty.

Following Dr. Vanderluit’s departure in 2006, Dr. Ziad Chaar (former post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Catherine Tsilfidis’ lab) took over as association president. The association’s membership increased and the executive committed focused on updating the mandate, generating welcome packages for incoming post-docs, sought to include post-doc representatives on several important faculty committees and promoted teaching opportunities.

In 2007, Dr. Angela Crawley and Dr. Erin Seifert (post-docs in Dr. Jonathan Angel and Dr. Mary-Ellen Harper's labs respectively) took over as co-chairs and continued to improve the association’s visibility with the help of an excellent executive committee! The focused on dealing with the changing taxation issues at that time and implementing the postdoc academic program. Dr. Lilia Antanova and Dr. Jean-Simon Diallo continued to improve the post-doc association.

Currently, the post-doc association's members are listed here on the "Committee Membership" page.

Come join us!


The Faculty of Medicine Postdoctoral Association (PDA) 11th Annual Postdoctoral Research day was a success.

A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Our 11th Annual Postdoctoral Research Day on March 21st, 2019 with the theme of, “Driving Scientific Discovery in the Emerging Canadian Landscape” was a great success, thanks to our wonderful speakers and attendees. Many thanks to Drs. Michael Strong, Dan McManus and Darin Bloemberg for their excellent talks. Congratulations to our oral presentation winner Dr. Rebecca Hood and runners-up Dr. Adil Rasheed and Dr. Khaled Abd-Elrahman. We had an outstanding poster session, a networking lunch, workshops and a reception. We would like to thank Karen Littlejohn, Louise Lemay and the PDA executive team for organizing the event. We also thank the Faculty of Medicine, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario’s Research Institute, the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology and uOttawa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for their generous support.



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